Adam Szabo

Founder/CEO, Excelerate Athletic Development

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Adam Szabo is the Founder and CEO of Excelerate Athletic Development. Besides this he has been a Math Teacher for 20 years while being a Head Coach for both Football and Track and Field.

Excelerate Athletic Development started, in 2010, by training Division II and III college football players. From there, we expanded to training the Midland Baseball Program and have grown into a training and consulting company, with multiple trainers, that serve boys and girls high schools, teams, individuals, and organizations. Everything we do is built upon athletic movement principles that through a systematic and organized set of programs and workouts, teaches proper technique while developing athleticism. During our time, we have won 3 State Championships and 3 Connie Mack World Series Titles.

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Applying Athletic Movement Principles to Running Bases

May 13, 2020, 10:30 PM
Adam Szabo